Iggy, Josh, and their baby, Gardenia.

           Yesterday, news broke that Iggy Pop and Josh Homme had spent the last few months working on a secret album, Post Pop Depression. Not only that, they were going to be premiering the first single on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. I don’t know about you, but I flipped. This is huge. Two musicians that know how to growl, riff and get down. Two guys who just enjoy playing some rock n’ roll, while gyrating their hips like the crowd owes them money. Iggy Pop, who is, well, Iggy. Not much else needs to be said. Iggy puts out music, you should be excited. Then there’s Josh Homme, king of collaboration. This project has picked up Dean Fertita (Queens of the Stone Age) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) so there’s a powerhouse on every instrument. If Them Crooked Vultures is any indication of how well Homme can coordinate a band, then we can expect the album to be nothing short of bad ass.


           I have never been much for Colbert, or late night talk for that matter, but I watched intently. As the camera pans over, the first thing I notice (and much to my surprise) is Iggy Pop wearing a shirt. And a jacket, to boot! My attention is quickly turned when the bands starts up and Iggy’s voice deeply snarls into the mic. I watched the whole performance last night, and then revisited it on my commute to work this morning. I keep circling back to the same conclusion: Bowie.

           The voice, the music, the overall feel of the song has some major Bowie vibes. It’s like a tribute and a posthumous release all wrapped into one. It’s no secret the close relationship Pop and Bowie had, so who knows, it might even be intentional. Don’t get me wrong, the single has it’s own independent sound and you can definitely hear Homme’s touch of gold. However, I can’t help but feel like there’s an inkling of the Thin White Duke in there too. Regardless, the song, band and album are sure to be a treat. Take a listen to Gardenia for yourself, there’s no way to be disappointed.

It’s all smooth sailing from here on out.
I’m gonna do the damage that needs getting done.

~Queens of the Stone Age


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